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Check out some of my original music, covers and parodies!


Again One Day

Vocals by Jenne Vermes


Music Recording, Editing and Mixing by HVTCH Music

Videography by Running Mouth Studios

Written by Jenne Vermes


Vocals by Jenne Vermes


Music Recording, Editing and Mixing by Baysound Studios

Videography by Jack Lundstedt III

Written by Jenne Vermes

DEAD GUY (A Red Shirt Parody)

Lyrics and Vocals by Jenne Vermes


Music Recording and Engineering by Jenne Vermes

Backtracks by Running Mouth Studios


Videography and Editing by Jenne Vermes

Song: Bad Guy by Billie Eilish


Borrowed Melodies

Pop songs with a sense of humor and a bit of angst

This is my first LP and it features both Parodies and Covers. 


The entire album was written, created, recorded and produced by me, with the backtracks all created by Running Mouth Studios.  

Borrowed Melodies is available NOW for download on iTunes and you can listen to it on all streaming platforms.


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